Intermodal and Multimodal Transport

Maximizing Your International, Long and Short Haul Transportation Efficiencies

Multimodal services that optimize air, sea and land transportation, end-to-end

In today’s fiercely competitive environment, retailers, manufacturers and traders are seeking supply chain partners who can provide end-to-end, multimodal services with a single contract and a single point of contact.MEPC Logistics has been designing and managing end-to-end services that combine the separate strengths of air, sea, road and inland transportation, with high visibility. Fully integrated to maximize efficiencies, while cutting costs and protecting the natural environment.

Intermodal Services that are fast, efficient, and environment-friendly

Our Intermodal Services specialists design and manage domestic road, with best practice built in. Solutions that deliver flexibility and reliable lead times. And we operate cross-border, with all the supporting services you would expect from an industry leader